Custom knee braces

Custom Knee Braces:

Custom knee bracing is done for myriad reasons and to varying degrees of success. At the Knee Clinic, we prescribe and measure custom knee braces to aid individuals who have either degenerative knee ailments or joint instabilities. Three categories of knee braces are utilized within our clinic:
If you need a brace to help you get back in action after you’ve been injured, our expert therapists at Heritage Valley Physical Therapy can fit you with one right on-site.

The right fit for your brace

When you need a brace, the right fit is critical to your injury rehabilitation. Our physical therapists have the experience to recommend and fit you for a brace that will work for you.
From custom fit braces for ACL injuries, to wrist and ankle braces for sprains, we have access to some of the best braces on the market.
Come and talk to one of our therapists today to see if a brace will work for you
Our treatments include a patient assessment, expert fitting, and instructions on proper use of the brace at home. Our team often provides additional exercises/rehabilitation and continued support to ensure that patients are comfortable and see consistent improvement. We will also work to help ensure that these braces are covered fully or partially by your private health insurance.