Post surgical & post fracture rehabilitation

Post Surgical & Post Fracture Rehabilitation:

Post Operative rehabilitation physiotherapy is available for anyone who as had surgery or experiencing pain, muscle weakness, stiffness, reduced mobility, reduced independence, and low exercise tolerance; all of them can get benefits from post-operative rehabilitation.

Surgery has benefits, but it may affect your physical and psychological state and maybe the reason for anxiety and frustration. Usually, people get bored and feel pressure and frustration. Visiting physiotherapists will help you; the physiotherapist will provide you with a full exercise program that will help you to achieve your short and long-term health goals and maximize your recovery potential.

At Ponoka Physiotherapy and Acupuncture clinic, various Techniques and modalities will be used to decrease pain and swelling; manual therapy techniques to get stiff joints moving again, prevent excessive scar tissue development and encourage proper tissue healing; exercise programs to regain mobility, strength and balance and education to guide your healing process.
we offer all of the above in combination, at the right time, to optimize your return to work, sport and life.

To us, you are not just another broken ankle or knee replacement. We will customize your treatment experience based on your condition and your goals. We will augment your treatment with techniques and technology often reserved for elite and professional athletes, to ensure you get the total care you deserve.