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    What to expect

    Physiotherapy Assessment

    Our experienced physiotherapists conduct assessments using detailed history-taking as well as specific physical tests and measures, such as flexibility or range of motion. He or she will then analyze the physiotherapy assessment findings and use clinical reasoning to establish a diagnosis. Together, you will explore your current abilities and functional needs so the physiotherapist can plan treatments that are consistent with your goals and general health status, and which incorporate approaches and techniques supported by the best evidence available.

    What can I expect at my first visit?

    On arrival, you will be asked to fill out paperwork concerning your injury and consent to treatment. A member of our team will then conduct an individual physiotherapy assessment of your problem or condition.

    What does a Physiotherapy Assessment entail?

    Over the course of 30-45 minutes we will analyze your history and current situation, including:

    Where you’re having the problem
    How the problem started
    How the problem is affecting your ability to do daily activities
    Your past medical history & any medications you are taking
    A detailed physical examination
    Checking your posture
    Examination of range of motion
    Testing for muscle strength, ligaments, tendons, and nerves

    Your physiotherapist may also check your balance, walking or how much you can lift or carry.

    Once the assessment is complete, your physiotherapist will diagnose what is causing the problem and discuss a physiotherapy treatment program.

    You will then be asked to give consent to the treatment program. Before giving consent, make sure you fully understand the treatment plan. If you need clarification ask your physiotherapist and they will explain the treatment plan in more detail.