Myofascial Remodeling

The Manual Osteopathic Therapist uses soft tissue manipulation in many ways. In general, they use it to evaluate the condition of tissues and to help the body’s fluids, such as blood and lymphatic fluid, flow smoothly. Keeping fluids flowing smoothly reduces harmful fluid retention and makes the body’s immune system more effective. Fascia is a connective tissue found in all parts of the body. It connects all the body’s structures at both superficial and deep levels. Practitioners evaluate the fascia to find areas of restriction and then use soft tissue manipulation to make sure the length and tension of the fascia are properly balanced. Throughout the treatment, Manual Osteopaths keep checking the state of the body’s tissues. If one technique isn’t working to correct a restriction, they simply use another approach instead. Above all, the Manual Osteopathic Practitioner’s aim is to restore health without over-treating.